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The tool above is a complete fantasy name generator tool, custom-designed by writers for writers, with user experience in mind. You can use it to generate any type of fantasy name for all types of races, from elves and dwarves to orcs and wizards. And of course human names!

Fantasy Name Generator

Select Race
  • angel
  • cavePerson
  • darkelf
  • demon
  • dragon
  • drow
  • dwarf
  • elf
  • fairy
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • halfdemon
  • halfling
  • highelf
  • highfairy
  • human
  • ogre
  • orc
Gehrdor Whiteley
Tynsann Magtyn
Sarbfagg Alston
Madbor Holton
Marna Graeme

To use the tool, simply select your desired race from the drop-down menu, select male or female and press the ‘generate’ button. Sometimes you may need to press ‘generate’ more than once.

It’s also useful for coming up with fantasy names for female and male characters, villain names, and last names, which can be tricky in the fantasy genre. You can also use it for characters in science fiction stories.

Below, you can find more information on the tool, its functions, and names in the fantasy genre. I’ve also included links to more of my fantasy name generators, which you can find at the end. 

What Is A Fantasy Name Generator?

Coming up with names for fantasy characters can be harder than you think. Sometimes we wonder whether we have to make the name sound or appear unusual. To do this we may add a random apostrophe in there. Rand al’Thor from The Wheel Of Time series is one example.

It’s hard to find that perfect name. Some writers can spend hours trying to think of suitable or acceptable fantasy names. Sometimes you think you’ve found the perfect one, only to Google it and learn that it’s been used a dozen times before or it means something you could never have guessed—it’s happened to me more than a few times.

So to save the pain and strife of creating names, we can use a fantasy name generator. Click a button and it simply provides you with a list of 10 random names that you could use for your protagonists, antagonists or secondary characters.

Tip – You don’t have to simply accept a name the generator gives you. Break it up, take the bits you like, and combine it with your favourite parts of other names.

It’s also useful for naming characters from any role-playing games you enjoy, from Dungeons and Dragons to The Elder Scrolls. A tool like this can give you truly unique fantasy names.

You can even use this fantasy race names generator to help you come up with your own unique and original fantasy races, different from elves, orcs, and dwarves.

This tool also serves as a fantasy last name generator. Surnames are underused in the fantasy genre. The examples we do see illustrate how powerful they can be when used in the right way.

fantasy name generator

How Can A Fantasy Name Generator Help Me?

This fantasy name generator is designed to help people who are struggling to create their own names for their fantasy characters. Having the right name can play a big part in characterization, especially if you look to add titles or fantasy last names into the mix. Just look at David Gemmell’s Druss The Legend.

The main reason why I think this fantasy names creator will help you is that it doesn’t suggest names that will frustrate your readers. I’ve used other name generator tools in the past and some of the suggestions they’ve given me have been downright bizarre.

As a fantasy writer with a good track record of creating characters readers love, as well as fantasy worlds that readers love to explore, I know and follow some guiding principles when it comes to creating names for fantasy cities, towns, and other places, as well as names for humans, elves and other races.

These principles are centered around clarity. If your reader can’t work out a character’s name, we’ve got a problem. Inspiration also comes from real names, with simple yet effective twists. 

They apply to everything from human names to those for orcs and demons. 

fantasy name generator
Use The Free Fantasy Name Generator

More On Fantasy Names And Generators

Below you can find lots more of my fantasy name generators plus some useful guides on names by leading academic institutions:

If you have any questions about how to use this fantasy name generator, or if you’d like to give some feedback on how we can improve, please contact me.


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