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If you’re looking for a fantasy name generator for human characters, male and female, you’ve come to the right place. 

Use The Human Fantasy Name Generator

To use the human fantasy name generator, just select the gender below, ensure you’ve selected ‘human’ in the drop-down menu, and click the ‘generate’ button. 

If you find you get strange results or no results at all, don’t worry. Just keep clicking generate to get new names. 

Select Race
  • angel
  • cavePerson
  • darkelf
  • demon
  • dragon
  • drow
  • dwarf
  • elf
  • fairy
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • halfdemon
  • halfling
  • highelf
  • highfairy
  • human
  • ogre
  • orc

About The Human Name Generator

I’ve designed my human name generator using my experience as a fantasy author. It takes into account my guiding principles when it comes to naming characters. And it’s designed in a sleek, user-friendly way to help you easily get the results you need. 

You can find the fantasy name generator for human characters below. I’ve also included more information on using this writing tool and how it can help inspire the likes of surnames, male and female names, and human wizard names too. 

Also included are details about how you can join my online writing group for even more help and support. 

fantasy name generator for human characters

Human Names In Fantasy

It’s fair to say that of all the races in the fantasy genre, from elves to orcs, humans are dominant. And it’s not surprising why—we can relate more to the characters and story. 

There are, however, different classes of ‘fantasy’ humans, such as wizards and witches. And it’s knowing details like this that can help us when it comes to choosing a fantasy name. 

In my detailed guide on creating fantasy names, I discuss some principles that I’ve learned from some of the great writers. Chief amongst them is clarity reigns supreme. 

If the name of your character is too difficult to read or understand, it’s going to frustrate your readers. And before you know it, your book will be donated to the local charity shop or foisted onto a friend. That’s the last thing you want. 

From a fantasy writing perspective, that means refraining from the random apostrophe or dash, and avoiding overly long names or ones with too many syllables. 

Just take a look at some of these well-known human fantasy names:

  • Frodo
  • Gandalf
  • Vin
  • Pug
  • Fitz
  • Jon
  • Arya
  • Cersei 
  • Druss The Legend
  • Rek

As you can see, they’re all pretty short and easy to understand. I added a couple of curveballs in there too for example purposes. 

First, Cersei. This is very much a fantasy name and one that at first looks a bit tricky—I know one person who’d just read the books and called her ‘Ker-si’, but him aside, it seems to be understood by most. 

The second is Druss The Legend. David Gemmel’s heroic character has a simple name that’s elevated completely by his title. And this is what you can do too—take what is a simple, perhaps unremarkable name and elevate it with a title or last name, something we’ll look at next. 

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How Can Fantasy Name Generators Help Writers?

It’s fair to say that every writer gets stuck at some point. And for many of us, it’s not the complex process of weaving together myriad storylines that trips us up, but simple things like naming characters. 

Even those characters that perhaps have just a single line, or linger in the background, can derail us in our quest to find them a gods damned name. 

It’s a form of writer’s block, I suppose. And sometimes we need a helping hand to smash down those tortuous mental bricks. One such tool, a wrecking ball of a tool, is a fantasy name generator. 

I’ve used them myself and I know scores of writers who use them often too. In seconds you can be presented with names for any type of character, humans included. 

You can use the names you find, use part of them, or maybe mix two together. But the point is it gives you inspiration and a means to become unstuck. So if you’re using the name generator for a human female name, for instance, this could help.

Using A Fantasy Name Generator For Human Surnames

When it comes to human names in fantasy, we can often skip out surnames. And when you think about it, we all have surnames. 

Personally, I don’t include surnames in my stories. The reason behind it is that it’s never been needed. If, however, I was writing something like Game of Thrones, my position would have to change. 

Surnames can add a new dimension to your story. Historically, human surnames were tied to place names. Billing, for example, comes from the village of Billinge in Lancashire. 

Using something like this in your own fantasy stories can draw the reader deeper into your world. It can help make it feel alive, and giving insights into how characters get their surnames, is a great way of doing so. 

If you’re struggling with ideas for surnames, why not give the human fantasy name generator a go? 

A great tip when using this tool is to take bits of names and mash them together. The generator can be your starting point. You don’t have to use the exact name it produces. Let it inspire you!

What Exactly Is A Fantasy Name Generator For Human Characters?

The purpose of a fantasy human names generator is to help writers become unstuck when it comes to naming characters. 

With a simple click of a button, you can get a bunch of great name ideas for fantasy female characters, as well as men.

The results it produces can be used directly in fantasy novels and stories, or you can use bits and pieces of them to help inspire your own names. 

A fantasy name generator for human characters is simply a tailored version of the tool. It’ll produce only results that relate to these types of characters, such as human wizard names.

However, you can use the tool for a range of other fantasy races too, like orcs, elves and demons. 

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