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If you’re looking for help coming up with demonic names for male and female characters, try this free demon name generator.

Demon Name Generator

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About Demons In Fantasy

The fantasy genre is awash with angels and demons and demon slayers. So often these characters feature in stories of good versus evil, of shadow versus the light.

Demons are the archetypal antagonist in fantasy writing. They are beings of pure evil, often living in different realms and dimensions. We see them summoned by worshipers of evil to the human realm to unleash havoc. demons may also be worshipped themselves.

Being from these fundamentally different places creates an issue for writers—what kind of names should we give our fantasy demons?

Should they follow well-known demon names like Satan and Beelzebub? Or should writers go their own path?

If you’re struggling to come up with a name, why not use my demon name generator? It’s free and will give you a bunch of great names in seconds.

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demon name generator

How To Use The Demon Name Generator

The demon name generator is an easy tool to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select “demon” from the dropdown box
  2. Choose whether you’d like a male or female demon name using the checkbox.
  3. Click the “generate” button.
  4. In a couple of seconds, you’ll be presented with five quality and cool demon names

There are no copyright restrictions—feel free to use any name you like.

If you encounter an issue where it says “no names found”, simply click generate again.

What Are Good Demon Names?

Coming up with a good name for a fantasy demon, or any fantasy character for that matter sometimes feels more difficult than writing the story or novel. 

Names are important. They can tell us a lot about a character without the writer providing any description of them at all. 

But the issue fantasy writers encounter is whether or not they should change their names up to make them align closer with the fantasy genre.

One common go-to for fantasy authors is adding random apostrophes or dashes into names, like “Hec’aca’la” or “Ola-hin-ya”. 

The issue we have here is that it adds an unnecessary layer of complexity. It can stump readers. Derail them in their progress through the story. They may grow frustrated. They may become so annoyed that they stop reading altogether.

This is the last thing we want as writers. 

But the solution is simple—we keep it simple, even when it comes to demon names. Clarity reigns supreme. If the name isn’t clear to your readers, chances are, you’ve not made it clear enough. 

And this is what you should bear in mind when thinking of names for your demon characters. To help you, I’ve only included names in this demon name generator that align with this principle.

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Different Types Of Demons In Fantasy

Demons feature heavily in the fantasy genre. And as time has gone on, creative writers have sought ways to dispel the tried and tested fantasy tropes, which are a little boring now. 

Nowadays, we see myriad versions of demonic characters, from half angel/half demon creations, ice demons, shadow demons, demon lords, and even lust demons that prey upon the desires of our characters. 

One of the best examples of a demon I’ve come across in the fantasy genre was in Raymond E. Fiests’s The Riftwar Cycle.

A series of books within the series was called the Demonwar Saga. It followed a perspective of a demon, and Fiest did a cracking job of getting into the head of a demon-type character.

Some other examples of the more famous demons include:

  • The Balrog – Lord of the Rings
  • Hellboy
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Cthulu
  • Behemoth – Master and Magarita

If you’d like to try and generate some similar-sounding names, why not try the demon name generator above?

Demon Name Generator For Female Characters

It’s not that common to see male or female demon characters. Most demons are genderless, creatures of evil.

However, as the fantasy genre progresses and develops, writers are looking to explore different kinds of perspectives in their stories. And introducing a female demon character is a really cool idea to explore.

Some famous female demons include:

  • Obizuth from The Testament of Solomon
  • Lilith from The Old Testament, created of filth and dust
  • Lamia of Ancient Greek myth
  • Poludnitsa of Slavic myth who would appear to farmers and cut off their heads if they didn’t answer her questions in a timely fashion.

So if you’re looking for help naming one of your female fantasy demon characters, then why not try the name generator above?

Male Demon Names

We’ve looked at some examples of female demon names, now let’s look at male characters. 

Given the uniqueness of demons as a race, it’s important to have some understanding of their cultures and how they name each other. This will help distinguish between male and female demons, but it will also help with your worldbuilding and your understanding of the development of that race over time.

Again, keeping the principles we’ve covered above in mind, it’s possible to create memorable names for your demonic characters. Let’s take a look at some examples created by the demon name generator at the top of this page:

  • Glaagbor
  • Barrhuu
  • Draugbaz
  • Ashigg
  • Magphaal
  • Klegr
  • Felg
  • Shuszug
  • Thughad

Let’s analyse these examples. Quite a few use repeated letters to give them something of a unique sound and look. Glaagbor, for example, is a name that you can imagine a demon saying. The same for Magphaal (which I’d pronounce Mag-Faal). 

These names are also very unique in that they don’t appear in any cultures from around the world (that I’m aware of). And it’s that otherworldliness that’s important when it comes to creating demon names. 

Demon Slayer Names

With beings as evil as demons running amok, slaying and slashing their way through humanity, we need demon slayers to help save the day and banish those monstrosities back to the pits of hell.

Perhaps the most famous demon slayer in the fantasy genre is The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. Geralt spends his days roaming the land, looking for monsters and demons to slay, all for a few coins.

We also have Van Helsing, the fabled vampire hunter and demon slayer.

How Can A Demon Name Generator Help Me With My Writing?

There’s nothing worse than finding a good writing flow, only to be stumped by a brain fog when it comes to naming a character. 

And it gets a little more complex when it comes to different types of fantasy races. That’s where this demon name generator tool can come in handy. 

Within a few seconds, you’ll have a list of names to use, whether it’s for a demon girl or perhaps a slayer of demons, which we’ve looked at above. 

The tool also offers a variety of names, because let’s be honest, how many fantasy demons are the same? Some are impish and witty. Others are gigantic gods hell-bent on destroying the earth and all that lives upon its grassy isles. 

You may not be too set on the name that’s generated, but when you’re writing your first draft, things like that don’t matter. They can be reconsidered when you come to edit your novel or story. And besides, you might end up liking it. Many of these names have been created by writers, with a few key rules borne in mind. 

Other Resources On Naming Fantasy Characters

As well as the demon name generator at the top of this page, you can also find some other dedicated tools and resources that may help you out:

Why not take a look at this guide on the family names of the United Kingdom by the University of the West of England, Bristol. It might give you some ideas for names for fantasy demons or their slayers. 

You can also check out this detailed academic guide on the history of names from the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.


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