Celebrating The Release Of Pariah’s Lament

Two and a half years of writing and editing all at an end, and now it’s free to roam the bookshelves of the world! And it’s St Patrick’s Day, so a double helping of celebratory fun!

pariah's lament


Available to order worldwide in paperback and eBook.

Copies can be ordered from your local bookstore upon request.

Below, you can find a calendar of what’s to come today, how to book tickets for events, how to win a free copy of the book and much more!

Praise For Pariah’s Lament

“The character journeys are incredibly well-constructed.” Laura Buckley, Book Blogger. Read the full review here.

“The story was perfectly paced and I was so wrapped up in the story, wanting to know how it was going to end that I read the entire thing in one go.” Worlds Unlike Our Own. Read the full review here. 

“There is a glorious balance of elements in Pariah’s Lament. You have deep political intrigue, strong, engaging characters, humour in even the darkest moments, and dynamic pulse-quickening action.” Bookends and Bagends. Read the full review here.

“Billing shrewdly delves into the very relatable, human need to actualize and belong.” Mark Brooks, Author

“Billing has a knack for writing descriptions that can make readers feel like they’re walking in the character’s shoes.” Anna Civolani, Editor

“With themes of vengeance, betrayal, and unity, Pariah’s Lament made for an exciting and adventurous read. The raw emotional concerns of the characters added a much needed touch of humanity throughout, something you don’t get with a lot of modern books.” Ellie Mitchell, Bookish Beyond. Read the full review here.

“Other than Brandon Sanderson, Billing has written my favourite battle scenes where they’re epic, grand, but not confusing, leaving me lost.” Sarah Lillian Books. Read the full review here. 

“Pariah’s Lament is a book full of political intrigue, warfare, and action. However, it is  also a book about the dispossessed and rejects of a society finding the courage in themselves to save the world that rejects them.” Bibliophilia Book Reviews. Read the full review here. 


Wednesday 17th March | Ask Me Anything |

12pm to 6pm GMT

To celebrate the release of Pariah’s Lament, I’m- hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session!

Ask me about literally anything, from writing, reading, books, tv shows, music… whatever you want. Those who ask the best questions on the day will win a free copy!

Get a unique insight into the writing of Pariah’s Lament, a book described as ‘unputdownable’ by reviewers, and learn of the inspiration behind the characters and story in what promises to be a revealing afternoon.

Just click here or the button below to go to my Facebook page and look out for the AMA thread. 

Wednesday 17th March | How To Write A Fantasy Novel |

6pm to 7pm GMT

To tie in with the release of his debut novel, Pariah’s Lament, I’m hosting a free online workshop on how to write a fantasy novel.

Reflecting on my experiences of writing the book, working with publishers, editors and artists, as well as marketing, I share insights that will help any fantasy writer with their own writing journey.

The talk will cover:

+ Creating characters readers will love
+ The power of conflict
+ Wordbuilding approaches
+ Dealing with doubt
+ Working with publishers, editors and artists
+ How do you promote and market a fantasy book?
+ Plus a short Q+A at the end

The workshop is completely free but with places limited, booking is essential.

Duration is approximately 1 hour.

Those unable to attend can register to receive a link to watch the recorded version.

Wednesday 17th March | Live Reading and Q+A |

8:15pm to 9:15pm GMT

To wrap up the day I’m also hosting a live reading and discussion about the book, followed by a Q+A.

Get a unique insight into the writing of Pariah’s Lament, a book described as ‘unputdownable’ by reviewers, and hear the inspiration behind the characters and story.

Plus, those who ask the best questions on the night will win a free copy!

Places are free but limited so booking is essential.

To book your place please checkout below!

Get The First 5 Chapters For Free

If you want to sample the book before diving right in, you can get the first 5 chapters free when you join my community! Simply fill out the form below!



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