How To Find Podcasts For Writers

If you’re looking for new resources to learn how to write, you may yet to have come across podcasts for writers.

With time more limited than ever, people seek out ways to learn on the go or multitask, and listening to podcasts on writing enables us to do that.

And for some of us, we learn in different ways. Some by imitation, some by reading and others prefer to listen. To have an audio guide at your side.

Podcast for writers

So below, we’ll take a look at writing podcasts in more detail. And here’s what we’ll cover—just click to jump straight to the section.

  1. What are writing podcasts?
  2. Why should you listen to writing podcasts?
  3. How to find podcasts for writers
  4. The best podcasts on writing
  5. A podcast for fantasy writers
  6. List of podcasts for writers
  7. Should you start your own writing podcast?
  8. Get more advice, guidance and support with your writing
  9. Other resources on podcasts for writers

What Are Writing Podcasts?

The answer to this question is a straightforward one. They’re podcasts dedicated to learning how to write and how to tell stories people love.

As we’ll see below, there is a range of podcasts for writers, some with episodes an hour long or more, and some providing short, sharp bites of information, 15 minutes or so long.

And there are writing podcasts devoted to specific genres, like fantasy, scifi, and romance. Plus more general podcasts on writing. You really are spoilt for choice.

But let’s not rush ahead blind into how to find podcasts for writers and which ones you could check out. First let’s look at why you should listen to podcasts on writing.

Why Should You Listen To Writing Podcasts?

Time is one of our most precious gifts. It’s only as we grow older that we come to appreciate how valuable it is. It’s important we come to learn how to use what time we have as effectively as possible. It can be snatched away in an instant.

But many of us struggle to find those windows of free time in which to write a few words, let alone time to study. It’s natural therefore to prioritise. And learning often slips down the pecking order. Why? Probably because it’s not that enjoyable.

But there’s a solution to all of these problems. And the simple podcast is it. First, podcasts (and audiobooks for that matter) allow us to turn unproductive time into time well spent.

For example I used to drive to work everyday. With traffic, it took me 40 mins there and back. 80 mins a day sat doing nothing save growing frustrated with people’s selfishness.

podcasts for writers
Writing podcasts

Likewise, chores like washing up, hoovering, cooking and cleaning can all be flipped on their heads. That could be time spent listening to podcasts for writers. Learning new things!

As for the second conundrum, we all learn in different ways. And it’s important we come to understand how we learn as individuals. What methods suit you best? Because the ways we were taught in school weren’t very good. It by no means works for everybody.

For me, I love having someone to guide me. To walk me through things, show me examples, and explain things simply and clearly. And I also learn a lot by studying other people and listening to how they do things.

Podcasts can help you with that. As we’ll see below, many writing podcasts are by writers for writers. They share relatable experiences. They’ve endured highs and lows and gleaned insights that you can benefit from. And they can talk you through how to write in new and exciting ways, discuss and teach you things to help you.

So those are my reasons behind why I think you should listen to podcasts for writers, now let’s look at how to find them.

How To Find Podcasts For Writers

There are myriad ways for you to discover new writing podcasts. Below you can find a few tips.

Finding The Best Writing Podcasts On Reddit

A way in which I’ve found many a great podcast is by looking on Reddit.

There are lots of useful subreddits or threads dedicated to writing podcasts, and by reflecting on comments, you can gauge which one might suit you best. Here are some of them…

Using Social Media

Twitter and Instagram are full of pages dedicated to podcasts on writing. A simple search with terms like #podcasts #writingpodcasts #podcastsforwriters will bring up relevant results.

But for me, Facebook groups have reaped the best rewards. There are dozens of groups dedicated to podcasts of all genres. And there are plenty of podcasts for writers amongst them.

To find them, simply search for ‘podcasts’ in the search bar and narrow down the results by focusing on groups.

Finding The Best Writing Podcasts On Spotify

Spotify has quickly dominated the audio streaming scene. And after spending tens of millions on the rights to the Joe Rogan podcast, they mean business.

Just like with other platforms, you can search for podcasts using Spotify’s search bar. And one of the clever things is, if you find a podcast you like and follow it, Spotify will recommend similar ones.

Keep scrolling for my list of podcasts on writing.

The Best Podcasts On Writing

Here are some of the best podcasts on writing by popularity.

For more, why not check out this great list on the best podcasts on writing by Book Riot?

A Podcast For Fantasy Writers

I adore writing fantasy. Although I do write in other genres, I always find myself coming back to it.

Having this blog has allowed me to connect with so many brilliant writers from all over the globe. And so many of them love fantasy too.

After releasing A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook, a few readers suggested starting a podcast. So never one to say no, I launched The Fantasy Writer’s Toolshed with my good friend, JM Williams.

JM is one of those writers I met through my blog and being like-minded people, we find ourselves collaborating on a lot of things.

So we began our podcast for writers. And our one and only aim is to help you. Between us we have nearly two decades writing experience. And we talk about what we’ve learned in that time. From creating characters and fantasy cliches, to worldbuilding and book marketing.

And we always love to answer questions from listeners. So please drop us an email if you have one!

Listen To The Most Popular Episodes

Below, you can listen to some of our most popular episodes.

Best Fantasy Podcasts

While we’re on the subject of fantasy podcasts, I thought I’d let you know of a few others which you may enjoy. Many of them are fiction-based. And if you write fantasy stories, you can submit to them too!

A List of Podcasts For Writers

I promised a list of podcasts on writing and I’m a man of my word.

Below, you can find scores of podcasts for writers. I update this list often, so if you know of any others, please drop me an email or comment below.

Should You Start Your Own Writing Podcast?

While reading this article or perhaps listening to podcasts on writing, the idea may have entered your mind to start your own podcast.

Now, you may just dismiss it outright. But I implore you not to.

Why? Because podcasting is another medium to reach new people, new readers (or listeners). Like I said above, people learn in all different ways. So why not enhance the experience you give to your followers by going audio?

And the great thing is, it’s really quite easy to do. All you need is a mic (a laptop mic will do but they’re of the lowest quality generally), Zoom or Skype to record, and Audacity to edit (plus a bit of patience).

And the hosting and distribution of podcasting is easy too. While many sites promote premium services, the reality is you don’t need to pay a penny, especially when you’re starting out.

Hosting sites like Acast (highly recommend) allow you to upload your episodes for free. Acast also lets you create a website for your podcast too. From there it will give you an RSS feed and with that, simply head over to podcast distributors like Spotify, iTunes and TuneIn and submit your details. Each time you upload an episode to your host, it will automatically go out to every connected distributor. Magic.

Writing Podcasts FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to making a podcast.

How do writers write a podcast?

The process of how writers write a podcast can be straightforward. Most writers pick one or two topics per episode, research and write about them.

How do I become a good podcast writer?

Practice! And listen to as many podcasts as you can. This way you’ll learn what people are enjoying at the moment, and you can tweak your own podcast writing to fit.

What equipment is needed for a podcast?

You need very little equipment for a podcast. A microphone is perhaps the biggest requirement, and you can get them pretty cheap (depending on the quality). Good microphones can cost over $100. You can use your laptop microphone if you’re on a budget. Other than that, you need a computer to record on and software like Audacity to edit.

How do you introduce yourself in a podcast?

The best method seems to be to keep it simple and straightforward. Who you are, who’s joining you and what the show is about is all you need!

Get More Advice, Guidance And Support With Your Writing

podcasts for writers

If you’d like to learn more about how to make your own podcast or if you’re after more recommendations on podcasts for writers, there exists a writing group for you.

Those who join my community gain an exclusive incite to my online writing group. With over a hundred members and growing, it’s the perfect place to share your work, get feedback, discuss ideas, and build friendships with fellow writers.

Here are the thoughts of a few members.

To join, just complete the form below or click here.

Other Resources On Podcasts For Writers

You’ve reached the final section on this guide to writing podcasts. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you’ve learned something new.

Below, you can find some related guides you may find useful.

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Thanks again for reading this guide on podcasts for writers.

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