Sharing is Caring Thursday #9

Welcome to another instalment of Sharing is Caring Thursday. We’re now into March and supposedly Spring. But a cold wind is blowing from the east, bringing with it some beastly weather. A fine excuse to stay inside and read and write.

This week: nouns v pronouns, bad writing advice, how to write a synopsis, and 38 calls for submissions for paying markets. Thank you, writers, for the wonderfully helpful content!



38 Calls For Submission in March 2018: Paying Markets by Erica Verillo

Erica Verillo is forever providing the world with helpful content. I love these compilations of publishers she makes more than any other. Scouring the web to find publishers is such a tedious and time-consuming exercise. With this article, you won’t have to. And these are all paying markets too. A little harder to get published, but more rewarding, literally.

There’s a good range of publishers, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and essays. Some of the deadlines are today so you best get a move on. Good luck!


What is a synopsis? Writing intriguing book summaries by Now Novel

If you’re sending queries to agents and publishers you’ll invariably need to include a synopsis of your manuscript. I’m yet to get to that stage, so for me, a cloud of mystery surrounds the synopsis. Writing one is always good to do at any stage of the writing process, though. It can help you outline a story, and it can help you reflect on what you’ve written.

This fantastic article tells you all you need to know. It first begins by defining a synopsis and setting out the industry standard before providing nine invaluable tips on drafting an effective one. A must-bookmark article!


Worst Writing Advice by Connie J. Jasperson

I love reading a good bit of writing advice. It’s one of the reasons I began this blog, to share everything I picked up with everyone else. It’s important to remember that it’s just ‘advice’. Not gospel. Tips and techniques can be ignored and altered. But I know all too well when I was starting out that I did exactly as Connie J. Jasperson says here:

“Bad advice is good advice taken to an extreme.”

You have nobody to tell you how far to go when it comes to cutting adjectives and adverbs, for instance. This article goes through some of the worst bits of writing advice, from writing what you know, adverbs, and killing your darlings. A good read!


Names v Pronouns by Myths of the Mirror

I found this article of tremendous use. I’m forever conscious of using too many names and then going too far and using too many pronouns. Where’s the balance? In this nifty article, you’ll learn when to use names, such as at the beginning of a new scene, or in a scene involving dialogue between characters, and much more!


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  1. conniejjasperson

    Thank you for your kind words, for sharing my post, and for all the other great posts you list here! The list of submissions is highly appreciated.

    1. richiebilling

      My pleasure! Thank you for the excellent article. I found it tremendously helpful. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. D. Wallace Peach

    Thanks again for sharing the post, Richie. And for the follow. I’m always happy to connect with other fantasy writers. I favorited your toolbox as a reminder to go back and read. What an archive – tons of interesting info there. Happy Writing.

    1. richiebilling

      My pleasure! Thank you for writing it and for following back! Happy writing to you too!

  3. Thanks for doing the virtual leg-work, Richie! I read Connie’s post, which was great fun. 🙂 How’s your own work coming along? I think I’ll do some map scanning today in preparation for a post about maps. I’ve got to thank you for that, too! I’m not sure I would’ve done a post on maps without you. 😉

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading your post on mapmaking! My work is ticking along as always. I have a new post inbound so keep an eye out! How about you?

      1. Looking forward to it! As for me, the last few days I’ve been practising my drawing skills. Another post on that is coming, uh, on Monday maybe? 🙂

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