Sharing is Caring Thursdays #1

Welcome to the first instalment of a new addition to the blog: Sharing is Caring Thursdays. I spend a lot of time reading the blogs of others, lapping up the helpful tips, experiences, and stories they have to share. It’s important to support these excellent writers, and just as important to share their work for the benefit of others. So, here are some of my favourite articles from the past week or so, covering everything from writing tips and marketing, to calls for submissions and new books to read:

6 Things I’ve Learned Re-branding My Newsletter by Rachel Poli

This excellent post looks at marketing for authors. Rachel examines something all writers have probably heard at some point: starting an email list. But what do you do when you have a growing list of subscribers? How do you keep them engaged with your work? Rachel’s article provides six very helpful tips on interacting with your followers.

I’ve followed Rachel’s blog for a little while and I’m never disappointed with the excellent content she produces. She provides opportunities for fellow bloggers to guest post and also does regular book reviews. Well worth following!

36 Calls for Submissions in January 2018 – Paying Markets by Erica Verillo

Now, this is an excellent resource. With it being a new year I’m sure we’re all feeling optimistic about finding homes for our stories. Erica Verillo’s excellent article provides you with none other than thirty-six calls for submissions! Having put together a similar post in the past I understand how time-consuming and tedious an exercise it is, so thank you, Erica, for doing all that hard work.

If you haven’t come across Erica’s website, Published to Death, you ought to check it out and then bookmark it. It’s filled with wonderful resources for writers: where to get reviews, literary agents seeking new clients, writing contests, and a load of spec-fic resources. You’ll be browsing through her content for hours!

Fantasy-Faction’s Best Fantasy Books of 2017

If like me you’re determined to read more books this year, this article will help you out. Fantasy-Faction is one of the leading groups for fantasy fans, featuring a heap of book reviews, interviews, and news. In this list, you’ll find some excellent authors, both well-known and upcoming. Adrian Tchaikovsky’s new book The Bear and the Serpent features, as does Skullsworn by Brian Staveley, The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark, Godblind by Anna Stephens, and Age of Assassins by R.J. Barker. There’s a run-down of their top twenty books of 2017 too. Who do you think’s number one?

How to get your book sold: Tips and Tricks! By TheGirlOnTheGo

It’s something many writers have banged their head against the wall over at some point. You’ve just released your book and each day you check the KDP reports to see if anyone’s bought a copy. Disappointment abounds. I’ve been there myself. This excellent article will give you a few helpful pointers to generate some extra sales, from running competitions, reviews, book covers, and blurbs. TheGirlOnTheGo has it covered.

If you haven’t come across this blog before, it’s well worth a visit. The quality of the content is excellent and helpful. Book reviews feature too, and you can submit yours, though a physical copy only.

Writing Tip: Know your Points of View by KaylaAnn

Have you ever wondered what point of view you should write your story in? Choosing a point of view is crucial to a story so it’s important to be familiar with the various tools at your disposal. This post’s got your back. KaylaAnn covers a whopping six different points of view, providing concise details of each one.

I recommend checking out KaylaAnn’s blog and definitely recommend giving it a follow. She’s a dedicated blogger who consistently produces engaging and quality content. You’ll find a whole section on writing tips, many of which have helped me.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have an article you’d like to see featured here, drop me an email using the form below. Send me the link and I’ll check it out!


8 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring Thursdays #1”

  1. Thank you for sharing those useful links and posts! Thank you also for following my book review blog, Contemplate and Intimate. I hope I have time to read some of those books on the fantasy list!

    1. Glad you you enjoyed them! I’m happy I found your blog. I’ve been enjoying it very much! Thank you for following me too! I was thinking of sending you an email funny enough. I have a book I published with a friend for charity and we’re hoping a few reviews would boost exposure for the cause. Could I email you?

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