Fantasy Novel Writing Classes Online

Nowadays, there are lots of fantasy novel writing classes online. But it’s tough to know which one is the best for you and the stage you’re up to in your writing career.

Best Fantasy Novel Writing Classes Online

Some writing classes may charge significant fees and may not offer any sample or insight as to what the workshop may be about. Others may offer free resources, like a worldbuilding template, whereas some may offer nothing but the class itself.

In this guide, you’ll find details of some of the best online fantasy writing classes currently available. They cover everything from writing a novel, creating characters, building worlds, and how to edit.

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  2. The Best Fantasy Novel Writing Classes Online
  3. What Can Fantasy Writing Classes Teach Me?
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What To Look For In Fantasy Writing Classes

One of the best things about the internet is that it’s made learning and education more accessible to millions of people around the world.

People can access learning materials on the likes of YouTube or dedicated educational sites like Udemy. Leaders in their field, such as authors, offer material for free on their websites or via their newsletters. And there are lots of communities and writing groups available to join where you can meet people to learn from.

When it comes to fantasy writing classes specifically, there are a few things to look out for. Not every creative writing class is equal, should we say, with some tutors focused more on making money than delivering value.

The quality of the materials may be poor. Tutors may not engage with participants. And once the fantasy writing class is complete, they may wave you goodbye and hope they never hear from you again.

When it comes to identifying the best fantasy novel writing classes online, here are some things to watch out for:

  • Have there been any reviews of the class? If so, what do they say? If they’re impartial, such as those on the likes of Trustpilot, then you may gain a fantastic insight into the quality of the writing workshop. If reviews are posted on the teacher’s own website, you’re best taking them with a pinch of salt.
  • Are there any free materials included?
  • Does the price compare well to other similar writing classes? If something is over and above the average cost, it may not be worth it. Similarly, if something is too cheap it may be a sign of poor quality.
  • Is the tutor experienced and able to deliver and explain the content in understandable ways?

The Best Fantasy Novel Writing Classes Online

Below, you can find an overview of some of the best fantasy novel writing classes online at the moment, covering every aspect of the process, such as worldbuilding and creating characters.

How To Write A Fantasy Novel

This fantasy writing class by author and podcaster Richie Billing delivers a detailed and understandable look at every aspect of how to write a fantasy novel.

Not only does it cover storytelling basics like creating characters and worldbuilding, but it also covers specific subjects such as writing battle scenes.

And what this online fantasy writing class provides that others don’t is help with the novel once finished. It covers editing, publishing, and working with artists and book reviewers.

It’s helped writers land their own book deals and many more achieve their dream of writing a novel.

how to write a fantasy novel writing class

How To Create A Fantasy World

how to build a fantasy world writing course

Worldbuilding is fundamental to any fantasy story. This online writing class teaches you everything you need to know about it.

First, it explains in simple terms how to build a fantasy world. Participants can access a free template and checklist to help with creating the physical and cultural aspects of their fantasy land.

The class will also cover how to reveal the details of your world, which is the trickiest part for many fantasy writers. You’ll learn how to avoid info dumps and how to make your world immersive.

Along the way, you’ll find writing tips and advice from legends of the fantasy genre, such as JRR Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson.

In all, it’s one of the best fantasy novel writing classes online.

How To Edit A Novel

This online writing class is devoted to editing a novel.

Once the drafting stage is complete, many authors run into a stumbling block in the form of editing. With so much to consider, it’s difficult to know where to start and what approach to take.

This writing workshop shows you a simple step-by-step guide on editing novels, complete with a checklist.

It’ll also show you ways to avoid dull parts of the story and how to fix them by introducing conflict.

This creative writing class also comes with a free copy of the acclaimed A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook.

editing class

What Can Fantasy Writing Classes Teach Me?

Fantasy writing classes can teach you a lot about the craft you’re studying, especially if focused on a specific topic. Writing a novel is a beast of a job. And with fantasy, it’s got that added layer of complexity with the need to create a fantasy world.

The tutors of writing classes should possess experience and knowledge to help their students get to grips with the complexities of a topic.

For example, there are many different ways of approaching characterization, how to plot a story, and how to create a literary theme. Simply regurgitating what they’ve read in a book isn’t enough for a writing class.

They have to help you understand these principles in understandable ways, using examples, definitions and exercises.

Having an expert in their field break things down to you in a clear and concise way may make all the difference to the success of your next writing project.

And it may prove a shrewd investment in your writing career.

Discover More Fantasy Novel Writing Class Online

Below, you can learn more about online writing classes, as well as creative writing resources, particularly with a focus on the fantasy genre.

For more help with fantasy novel writing classes online, please get in touch.

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