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A complete writing course on how to create lifelike fantasy characters, covering everything from defining physical appearance, working out their psychological make-up, and how to ensure that they grow and develop as the story progresses.


Learn a bit more about what you get in this writing class.

What Do You Get?

On top of the writing class, you’ll also receive:

  • An invitation to my online writing group and Discord channel
  • My character creation template
  • A free copy of my creative writing handbook, Thoughts On Writing

About The ‘How To Create Lifelike Fantasy Characters’ Writing Class

A complete writing class on how to create lifelike fantasy characters that readers will love

Creating fictional characters is a difficult process. You have to understand their physical make-up, their sociological development, and the psychological consequences.

Then you have to consider how those characters will grow and develop as the story progresses.

However, a solution exists, and in this creative writing workshop, you can find the answers you need.

Reflecting upon the methods I adopted writing my debut novel, Pariah’s Lament, which received overwhelming praise for its strong and “alive” characters, I take you through the entire process of creating characters and, crucially, how to ensure they grow and develop in ways readers love.

The workshop will cover:

  • The Bone Structure – the best way to create and get to know your characters inside and out.
  • Sliding Scales – an effective method of ensuring your characters strike the right balance
  • Character Plotting – my own unique method of charting the growth and development of your characters.

Who Would Benefit From This Online Writing Class?

This writing class is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about creating characters, in the fantasy genre in particular.

It’s ideal for beginners or those more experienced. It teaches a unique approach that you may not have encountered before that allows you to create three-dimensional characters.

Also included in the writing class is my character creation template.

Check Out A Sample Of This Fantasy Writing Class

Below, you can watch a snippet of the overall creative writing course. This particular part looks at the Bone Structure method.

Reviews Of This Online Writing Class

You can find lots of honest and impartial reviews on Trustpilot. Here are some from writers who have taken some of my classes before: richie billing review

Nothing To Lose And Much To Gain

I’m not satisfied unless you are. That’s why you can get a full refund within the first two weeks of purchase if you’re not happy with the writing class. That means you’ve got nothing to lose in giving it a go.

And there’s potentially a lot to gain. Maybe even that missing piece of the puzzle that makes everything click for you.

At one time, I never used to go to writing classes. I tried to teach myself. But I soon realised that classes like this are shortcuts. Or my classes are anyway.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying writing, practising, and editing too (working professionally as a copy editor too). In this writing class, I condense all of those hours and show you the essential, need-to-know bits.

You’re skipping out all of those laborious hours I spent and getting it all in a neat 90 minutes. And what I’ve picked up may make sense to you and may help you take your writing to another level.

So like I said—nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain!

Keep Learning Beyond Online Writing Classes

Attending online writing classes is a fantastic step toward achieving your goals. But the learning doesn’t stop when the teacher signs off.

As well as practising the new things you’ve learned, it’s important to see if they’ve worked. For that, you need to get someone to cast a critical eye over your work—otherwise known as a beta reader.

Now finding such selfless people can be hard to find. But I have a quick solution—my online writing group.

With hundreds of us on Discord and Facebook, you can quickly find someone to read over your work and provide you with feedback. That way, you can put your new-found writing skills to the test and hopefully learn from the insights you get from others.

To join our writing group, just click here.

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