The Essential Fantasy Writing Course


In this epic fantasy writing classes bundle, you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • How To Write A Fantasy Novel
  • How To Create Lifelike Fantasy Characters
  • How To Build A Fantasy World
  • How To Edit A Novel

Plus, a digital copy of the critically-acclaimed, A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

The combined value is over £100! Yours for a limited time for just £34.99!


Get 4 online writing classes for the price of 1!

In this epic bundle, you get lifetime access to:

The total value of the bundle is £100, but you can get it for a limited time for just £34.99!

And as a special bonus, you’ll also receive a free digital copy of the critically-acclaimed A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook, which has helped readers land book deals.

What Past Participants Of These Fantasy Writing Classes Think

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Here are just a few:

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Who Should Take These Online Writing Classes?

These classes are for both new fantasy writers and experienced ones.

The “How To Write A Fantasy Novel” provides an in-depth guide to writing a novel in this genre. It takes you through the first steps of planning out your novel, crafting characters, creating conflict and plot, writing dialogue, and an overview of editing. It then dives into how to get that novel published.

The writing class on “How To Create Lifelike Fantasy Characters” offers a more detailed look at this fundamentally important area of writing. It shows you how to create a character that feels alive, showing you simple techniques to achieve this. It also goes into great detail on character development and shows you effective ways to develop and grow your characters as the story progresses.

And lastly, the writing class on “How To Build A Fantasy World” will show you the biggest pitfalls writers can fall into when it comes to worldbuilding, how to avoid them, and provides effective methods of both building a secondary world and revealing them in your stories in ways that readers will love.

So to summarise, these fantasy writing classes are for you if:

  • You’re new to writing fantasy and want step-by-step guidance on writing your first novel or story
  • You’re a more experienced fantasy writer looking to develop their knowledge, insights and writing skills
  • You need help with building a fantasy world—how much detail to build, how much detail to reveal, and how to avoid the dreaded info dump
  • You’re struggling to create characters that readers can grow attached to
  • You need help getting your fantasy novel published

Are These Classes Worth The Cost?

Price is always an important factor when it comes to writing classes. Some people charge over the odds (£60+) for a mere hour of learning. I don’t believe in such an approach.

My teaching services are founded on the belief that learning should be accessible to as many people as possible. All I seek to cover with this price is the time and expenditures incurred in producing the content.

I’m not interested in high-profit margins or anything of the sort. Only that you get access to resources that you’ll find truly helpful and worthwhile.

If you’re not satisfied, get in touch for a full refund.

How Do I Access The Writing Classes?

Once you complete the purchase you’ll immediately receive an email with all of the links to access everything in the bundle. Writing classes are hosted on YouTube, the worlds most reliable video content provider. You can access them any time, any day, for the rest of your life.

Within the description of each class are dozens of resources and downloadable content, such as my worldbuilding template and my character creation template.

You’ll also be able to download copies of the slides shown in each class too.

A Summary Of What You Receive

To summarise, as part of this fantasy writing classes bundle, you’ll receive:

  • How To Build A Fantasy World – this writing class goes into great detail about how to create a fantasy world, drawing upon the insights of some bestselling fantasy authors. I also share my own unique approach to worldbuilding, as well as a downloadable version of my worldbuilding template
  • How To Write A Fantasy Novel – a complete guide to writing a novel-length book in the fantasy fiction genre. Despite looking at longer-form fiction, it’s also useful for those interested in writing fantasy short stories. It also provides insights on what to do once you finish writing a novel, such as editing, working with beta readers, and getting published.
  • How To Create Lifelike Fantasy Characters – one of the hardest parts of writing any type of fiction is creating compelling characters that feel as alive as the people we know in reality. In this writing class, I show you some simple techniques to achieve this with great effect.
  • How To Edit A Novel – a step-by-step guide on one of the most difficult aspects of writing – editing a novel.
  • A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook – you’ll also receive a digital copy of this critically-acclaimed book which guides you through every stage of the process of writing a fantasy novel. It also provides insights on how to find and work with other authors, how to build your author brand, and how to get published.

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