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Welcome to the lectures page. Here you’ll find a mix of lecture series, standalone lectures, and webinars on different aspects of creative writing. This page will be updated on the reg. If you know of any other lectures your fellow writers may find useful, drop me an email with the link or recording and I’ll add it.

The Brandon Sanderson Lectures

I owe a lot to Brandon Sanderson and his free series of lectures. Sanderson runs a college course on creative writing, with a particular focus on the fantasy genre, and he’s been swell enough to record and share them for free! Here’s the full latest series, recorded in 2016:

Lecture One: Course overview

Lecture two: Cook v chef

Lecture three: The Illusionist Writer

Lecture four: World-building

Lecture five: The Box

Lecture six: The Business of Writing

Lecture Seven: Character

Lecture Eight: Magic Systems

Lecture nine: guest lecture with Brandon Mull

Lecture ten: plotting

Lecture eleven: dialogue and agents

Since about 2012, Sanderson has recorded a host of other lectures too, all of which are available for free on Youtube.

Online Masterclass lectures

Penguin Random House, one of the biggest publishers in the world, has created something called The Writer’s Academy. This Academy is dedicated to bringing you writing tips, guides, and lectures, though I cannot shake the feeling that their main goal is to lure you in to enrolling on one of their expensive courses. That being said, they’ve commissioned some savvy people to put together a few helpful lectures. Here they are:

Creating Complex Characters


Point of view and narrative voice


Constructing worlds and setting scenes

Overcoming writer’s block

More Writing Tools

If you found this page useful, you may appreciate some of these other tools I have too:

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