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My Community of Readers and Writers is built on two things I’m passionate about more than anything else: reading and writing.

So each month, I’ll be working with writers from all over the world to bring you great deals on books, as well as plenty of free reads.

Plus, there’ll be lots of tips, tools, resources and guidance on the writing front, with content ranging from blogs to podcasts. When you join the Community, you’ll also receive a toolbox of bookish goods, including lists of publishers and a list of over 150 book reviewers.

When I describe this as a community, I mean it. I’m always happy to review any bits of work or answer any writing-related queries you may have. And if I can’t help, I’ll do my best to find someone who can. The way we improve is by helping each other and that’s the ethos behind everything I do.

To join the Community, simply click here or the image below. As a welcome gift, you’ll receive an email with free copies of two of my books:

  • Flying on the Ground, my collection of published short fiction for the readers amongst you, featuring stories from the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, general fiction, horror and crime, and;
  • Thoughts on Writing, a comprehensive collection of advice, tips, guidance and ideas on the craft of writing. Think of it as a self-help book on writing.

Both books are currently on sale on Amazon for a few quid. Plus, you can download them in any format you prefer!

More Writing Tools

Below you can find more writing tools that you may find useful:

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