r/worldbuilding – The Reddit Community For Worldbuilders

The r/worldbuilding community, a dedicated space of the internet over on Reddit, is one of the biggest and best communities for worldbuilders.

With close to a million members, it’s the perfect place to share and discuss ideas, find inspiration, and connect with fellow writers, RPG fans and tabletop gamers.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Reddit worldbuilding community in more detail. We’ll examine the ways such a creative space could help you, look at some of the tools and resources they have, and provide links to guides and resources to help with the process of creating fantasy worlds.

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  1. What Is r/worldbuilding?
  2. How Can The r/worldbuilding Community Help Me?
  3. What Else Does The Reddit Worldbuilding Community Offer?
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  5. Learn More About Creating Fantasy Worlds

What Is r/worldbuilding?

r/worldbuilding is a dedicated community found on Reddit. It’s described as a space for writers, artists, gamemasters, musicians, programmers, scientists and even philosophers.

It’s aimed at all genres that fall under the umbrella of speculative fiction, covering fantasy worlds like JRR Tolkien’s and Ursula Le Guin’s, to sci-fi universes created by the likes of Isaac Asimov.

This worldbuilding Reddit group is all about sharing your worldly creations, learning and exploring the creations of other people, and discussing ideas and tips on everything from making fantasy maps to medieval weapons.

Everyone is welcome to join; you just need a Reddit account. When posting and commenting it’s important to stick to the rules, all of which are straightforward. For example: be kind, be on topic, put in some effort, appreciate that it’s a DIY community, and avoid NSFW content where possible.

How Can The r/worldbuilding Community Help Me?


One of the best and most effective ways to learn is from other people. In this huge community of worldbuilders, you can find experts and specialists in a range of fields, such as psychology, sociology, seismology and physics.

Experts like this can break down complex information into understandable chunks and it’s in the r/worldbuilding community that you can find super insightful posts like this.

As well as having an endless pool of resources and knowledge to tap into, you can ask questions and share ideas to try and develop them further or iron out any creases.

So, for example, if you wanted to have blue trees in your fantasy world, you could create a post asking about the scientific or magical logistics of how this could happen. The quality of the responses is amazing and thoughtful. You’ll be sure to come away with answers and ideas.

r/worldbuilding – Tools And Resources

The r/worldbuilding community has an endless stream of tools and resources to help you with creating your fantasy worlds.

As well as people posting guides, resources, inspiring images, and videos, amongst many other types of material (such as books), the Reddit worldbuilding community has a bunch of its own tools and resources, which you can access here.

The stuff you can find on that page is great if you’re just getting started, as well as for more experienced builders who are looking for new ideas and inspiration.

You can find resources on making maps, creating solar systems, worldbuilding and religion, plate tectonics and much more.

I also have a horde of free resources that you can access via the link below.

Click Here For More Worldbuilding Resources

What Else Does The Reddit Worldbuilding Community Offer?

As well as the guides and resources we’ve covered above, the Reddit worldbuilding community offers a lot more.

They have, for example, a complete guide on getting started with the world creation process. It covers everything from finding those first sparks of ideas to developing them into an actual place by creating maps and naming landmarks and places.

They also have a megathread on organizing your worldbuilding notes—a very important part of the process and one that stops you from getting tangled in knots.

The r/worldbuilding community also provides great resources for people who take different approaches to worldbuilding. For example, they offer a series of guides for those who like to take a systematic approach to building worlds.

They also have a stack of guides for those who like to do a looser and more of a pantser’s approach.

While we’re on this topic, I have my own approach to worldbuilding which offers a blend of both of these approaches. I call it natural worldbuilding and you can learn more about it here.

Guidance can also be found on a variety of different worldbuilding apps, websites and programs. These tools can help you organise your notes. Some may help you create your maps. Others offer guidance on creating your own wiki page for your world.

In all, it’s a terrific crop of resources for anyone interested in creating worlds. I also have my own guide on this specific topic which you can find below.

Click Here To Learn How To Start Worldbuilding

Other Worldbuilding Groups

While r/worldbuilding is the largest group on this much-loved element of writing, it isn’t the only one.

My own writing group, for example, has hundreds of writers, many of whom are building their own worlds. We have dedicated threads in our Discord channel. In our Facebook group, you can find a continuous stream of worldbuilding-related posts.

It’s open to anyone and everyone. To join, just click below.

writers toolshed banner

Learn More About Creating Fantasy Worlds

My website is packed with tips and advice on creating fantasy worlds. You can learn more below:

For more tips and guidance on navigating your way around r/worldbuilding, get in touch!

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