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Simple Tips For Mastering Content Marketing

When you work hard on a piece of content, you want people to read it once it’s published. But where do you start? And what’s the most effective means of promotion? In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best and simplest tips on content marketing. The promotion of content, be it …

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A Fast Way To Grow Your Mailing List

In the past, I’ve really struggled with is building my email list. After getting it to a level I was tremendously proud of, it languished there for a long time, neither growing nor shrinking. While trying out different email list building strategies, I came across one in particular that produced truly incredible results. I’m talking …

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How To Make Websites – The Writer’s Shop Window

If a reader wants to learn more about you and your writing the first thing they’re going to look for is your website. Like looking through a shop window, if they see something which intrigues them, they may step inside and buy something.

In not having a website you’re missing out on precious opportunities to connect with potential followers.

This article first looks at how to make a site, what it ought to feature, before finishing with a discussion about blogging

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